Biofil wastewater purification facilities

Biofil is specialized in wastewater purification facilities from different origins and industrial sectors.

The different applications and combinations of each technology achieve great energy savings and optimize results.

Water depuration and purification facilities

Moving bed reactors

Bio-fil manufactures moving bed reactors with great results around the world for the purification and filtration of wastewater. It is the biological treatment based on the growth of biomass on mobile plastic supports inside the biological reactor.

Trickling filter system

A trickling filter (also called a biological filter or bacterial bed) is an aerobic water treatment system that uses fixed, non-submerged cultures.

This purification and filtration system is made up of pieces of plastic material with a high specific surface area where a bacterial culture develops and adheres. Pretreated or decanted wastewater is sprayed onto the filter, coming into contact with bacteria that degrade the contamination.

AEMBBR MBR, the perfect tandem

Biofil has a new wastewater reuse system

The new wastewater reuse system that unites two Bio-fil technologies, the moving bed (MBBR) and membrane bioreactor (MBR).

Wastewater purification facilities

and technologies

Increasing concerns about water preservation and scarcity cause Bio-fil to continue evolving technologies, optimizing resources and improving water quality results. This has led us to patent wastewater purification systems with a great positive impact on the environment.

Its applications are diverse given the varied origins of wastewater in the different sectors of food, pharmaceutical, chemical, heavy industry, textile, municipal, livestock…

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