Économie circulaire Carriers for fix biomass types C C-2 & C-3

BIOFILL® carriers for fix biomass types “C”, “C-2”, “C-3 for MBBR moving beds, exchange towers and cooling towers

Carriers for fix biomass types “C”, “C-2”, “C-3 manufactured in Sapinfor MBBR moving beds, exchange towers and cooling towers

In the following table you will find all the technical characteristics of each of the models.

The most important characteristics are:

  1. Greater useful surface compared to other carriers on the market.
  2. Manufacture by injection and not by extrusion in order to greater of biomass adherence due to its protected rough surfaces.
  3. Greater thickness of its walls, which prevents its breakage and its conversion into micro plastics.
  4. Better design that prevents the already fixed biomass from falling off due to the contact between pieces.
  5. The density of the carriers in general is <1. The CT, C-2T and C-3T carriers have a density> 1 and their use is intended for brackish waters and sea waters.

For a good application of our carriers, head over to our post on moving bed design.

The new models C-3 and C-3T are not for sale yet, because they are being tested in pilot plant.

When a carrier with density> 1 is desired, it must be specified in the request.