Circular economy Advantages of BIOFILL® media for trickling filters

Advantages of BIOFILL® media for trickling filters with guarantee

All the Advantages of BIOFILL® media for trickling filters with guarantee

1.- Guarantee of continuous operation: There are no particular problems due to sudden hydraulic and organic overloads.

 2.- Lower production and less quantity of sludge: Compared to other treatments, this procedure has lower costs for stabilization and evacuation of sludge.

3.- Little intervention of personnel: The trickling filters do not require a control by competent personnel, since their operation is continuous and there is no reason to interrupt it. The incorrect behavior of certain activated sludge plant operators who partially operate the installation in order to save energy must be taken into account. A trickling filter must work continuously.

4.- Reduced operating costs: Compared to other treatments, stabilization and evacuation costs are lower.

5.- The areas occupied by the installation are very limited: Even the entire installation can be underground if necessary.

6.- Start-up time is reduced.

7.- Global costs of the reduced filter: It is a mistake to believe that the installation of a trickling filter entails higher costs than other systems. A simple analysis during the design allows to verify that the cost per inhabitant is the lowest, being therefore the comparison with other traditional systems is always positive.



The BIOFILL® media for trickling filters can be the best solution for the treatment of effluents of many origins as seen before. BIOFILL® media offer precise advantadges as follows:

1.- Energy saving: Electric consumption is very low and limited only to wáter pumping and eventually to the superficial distribution of the effluent.

2.- Very limited maintenance cost: Interventions are occasional and related mainly to the few mechanical elements of the facility. The cost of spare parts is very low.

3.- Easy to operate: It is not necessary to have permanent personnel and the interventions are often simple inspections.

4.- Operation costs: The extremely limited personnel for control and intervention, the low maintenance cost, the low electric consumption, the low installation cost, the small size and the absence of problems lead to a single conclusión: the trickling filter is the cheapest system for effluent treatment.

All these advantadges are guarenteed with the use of BIOFILL®, which also allows a wide security margin in the design and operation of the plant.