High efficiency plastic media BIOFILL®

The high efficiency plastic media BIOFILL® is the result of the collaboration between the University and the Company, aiming to imitate the shape of mineral media, while searching a large specific surface and at the same time a large free volume (a parameter that the minerals do not have). This makes it easy for the microorganism colonies to attach, while not impeding the free air flow. This is how the original shapes of the BIOFILL® media where created.

Its irregular surface allows a longest contact time between the two phases, water and biological film, opposite to the media with rectangular shapes and favouring a greater adherence of the biomass on its surface.

The thickness of the BIOLOGICAL FILM, is auto regulated by the anaerobiosis produced in the internal part of it. When the oxygen doesn’t reach the inner part of the film, when the film thickness is too much, it falls down.

Advantadges of the plastic media BIOFILL® compared to other media

  • Irregularly oriented surfaces that difficult the water flow.
  • Rough surface that easies the adherence of the biological film.


The plastic media BIOFILL® have a huge range of applications, which can be consulted in the application sectors page and each product’s technical brochure.