Plastic media BIOFILL® type A

The plastic media BIOFILL® type A was the first product designed by our Company. Its fabrication was begun in 1989. Since then, large numbers of trickling filters in municipal and industrial wastewater plants use plastic filling BIOFILL® type A.

Its RANDOM COLLOCATION easies the installation in the corresponding tanks. The standard packages are of 160 litres and weight 6 kilos each, but it can also be packaged in a personalized manner upon request.

Main features
Specific surface > 160 m2/m3
Free volume 96 %
Weight per unit (gr) 37 Kg
Nº of pieces/m3 4896
Piece diameter 71 mm
Weight per piece 7.5 gr
Made by injection of PP
Compression 250 Kg/m3
Max working temperature 65 ºC
Resistencia to hydrocarbons Good
Resistance to alkali Excellent
Collocation Randomly


The advantages that our product has compared to other ones existing:

  • It is a product made by injection.
  • Curvilinear forms and micro concavities that retain the water drops for long time.
  • Promotes biomass grow, which is fixed on the concave and rough walls of each piece.

Upon the perfect design of the TRICKLING FILTER, as well as the chosen filling, will depend the good performance of the installation, the DBO5 reduction and the nitrification of the waters to treat. Our company can help you with the most appropriate design for the installation.


The addition of BACTERIA® products to the process will help to increase the biomass growth and nitrification time.

  • BACTERIA XP. Useful for industrial plants or municipal plants receiving industrial wastewater.
  • BACTERIA HX. Works on inhibitor matter.
  • BACTERIA XNL. Increases nitrification capacity.
  • BACTERIA DEN. Improves denitrification.
  • BACTERIA XF. Eliminates filamentous organisms and improves sludge return.