Plastic media BIOFILL® type B & BR

The product BIOFILL® type B  appears after more than 15 years of producing BIOFILL® type A, with the aim of giving an alternative product that doesn’t need so much surface and with a cheaper price. This product has a variation called BIOFILL® type BR (reinforced).

Both products have the same geometry, dimensions and specific surface. The only differences are the thickness and applications.

While the standard BIOFILL® type B is used in trickling filters which have a filling tallness equal or less than 4 m. and in gas-cleaning towers. BIOFILL® type BR is used in trickling filters which have a filling tallness over 4 m. and in air biological filters. Its mechanical resistance and large free volume allow the flow of air to treat. Its large surface allows growing bacteria colonies to eliminate volatile gases.

Main features
Specific surface > 115 m2/m3
Free volume 96 %
Weight per m3 39 Kg
Nº of pieces/m3 460
Diameter of pieces 160 mm
Weight per piece 85 gr
Weight per piece BR type 112.6 gr
Weight/m3 BR type 51,8 Kg
Made by injection in PP
Compression 370 Kg/m3
Max. working temperature 65 ºC
Resistance to hydrocarbons Good
Resistance to alkalis Excellent
Collocation Randomly


The addition of BACTERIA®products to the process will help to improve the biomass growth and nitrification.

  • BACTERIA XP. Useful for industrial plants or municipal plants receiving industrial wastewater.
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  • BACTERIA HX. Works on inhibitor matter.
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  • BACTERIA XNL. Increases nitrification capacity.
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  • BACTERIA DEN. Improves denitrification.
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  • BACTERIA XF. Eliminates filamentous organisms and improves sludge return.
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