Plastic media BIOFILL® type C-2® & C-2T®

BIOFILL® type C-2® is an evolution of the product BIOFILL® type C, created by our Technical Department for fluidized bed biological systems. This product, installed in many treatment plants, is excellent for enlargement of treatment plants where the load is increasing over the original design.

The need for enlarging existing wastewater treatment plants is growing more and more in municipalities where the number of inhabitants is growing or a tertiary treatment for nitrogen elimination is required. When the physical enlargement of the plant is not possible, either because there is not enough surface available or due to the cost of the new works, the most suitable solution is to incorporate to the system a plastic media with high efficiency and surface. Because of that, we have evolved the previous model, giving it a larger specific surface with a more compact design, which favors a better fixing of the biomass and a better impact resistance between items.

It is made in two versions:

  • type C-2®, with density below 1
  • type C-2T®, with density over 1


Areas of application

Their areas of application are many:

  • Moving beds (MBBR), for the enlargement of municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Treatment plants for residual agriculture waters (collecting and canning plants for legumes, tubers, vegetables and fruit).
  • Aquiculture (fish farms in general). This segment also includes regeneration of lagoons, rivers and subterranean waters.
  • Anaerobic treatment and others.
  • Exchange towers (chemical exchange, gas cleaning, odor elimination).


Main features
Specific surface > 590 m2/m3
Free volume 90 %
Nº of pieces/m3 85.000
Piece diameter 25 mm
Weight per piece 2,1 gr
Weight per m3 standar 179 Kg
Weight per piece BIOFILL® C-2T 2.25 gr
Weight per m3 BIOFILL® C-2T 194 Kg
Made by injection in PP
Compression 0 cm/500Kg
Max. working temperature 65 ºC
Resistance to hydrocarbons Good
Resistance to alkalis Excellent
Collocation Random