Primary sector

  • Agriculture: cleaning and packaging of farm products
  • Farms: Waste from farms of cattle, sheep, and poultry
  • Fish farms: salmon, shellfish, trout, etc.
  • Zoos
  • Odour control in farms

The treatment of animal residues is very wide. Residues from mammals and birds have to go through a biological system at some stage; the trickling filter or a mobile bed are some of a range of very efficient systems. For trickling filters we propose plastic filling BIOFILL® type A or BIOFILL® type B. Biología y Filtración, S.L. can do for you the calculations of the facilities. This treatment can go along with the addition of BACTERIA® products.


In the case of fish farming wastewater, the recommended treatment is a mobile bed. This system is performed by adding the high efficiency plastic filling BIOFILL® type C in a system of activated slugdes. The process is completed by adding BACTERIA® biological products.

For these industries teh following products are specially recomended:

  • BACTERIA DL. Liquefies animal residues and deodorises.
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  • BACTERIA ECL. Improves the elimination of odours caused by thiols and fat acids. Reduces quaternary ammonium and other toxic substances.
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  • BACTERIA ALN. Reduces fibrous solids in still waters.
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